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Cobalt or cerulean? Interpreting colour trends for the Canadian fashion industry

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posted on 2021-05-23, 19:00 authored by Julia Guestrin
The Canadian apparel industry faces many difficult decisions during product development, and selecting a colour palette for an upcoming season can be a significant challenge. With no specific Canadian colour forecasting services available, Canadian trend directors must rely on European and American forecasts for their colour trends. This study on colour trends and preferences demonstrated how colours that are forecast for the United States and Europe are adapted for Canada and the diverse target markets within it. Six case studies based on interviews with trend directors from Canadian retailers explore the methods used to develop seasonal colour palettes. These case studies reveal each retailer’s customers’ attitudes towards colour trends and colour preferences, and then compare them to the rest of the retail market. The results will allow Canadian fashion professionals—and those working in small markets anywhere—to better understand how to develop seasonal palettes for their customers, thereby increasing sales and profit.



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Ryerson University

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