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Clothing, image, and presence: women in the corporate workplace

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posted on 2021-05-24, 16:47 authored by Colombe Nadeau-O’Shea
Taken from Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to examine in detail the existing literature addressing the history of Western women in the workplace, the importance of first impressions, gender discrimination and stereotypes in the workplace, and the cognitive and behavioural effects of clothing on both wearers and perceivers. These topics will be analyzed across various fields of study, such as economics, psychology, sociology and gender studies. This review focuses on women as they relate to appearance and professional settings because many of the issues faced by women in professional settings are unique. It would not, therefore, be appropriate to address these issues as they relate to both men and women within the same framework; women’s experiences in regards to these notions deserve special attention. Once these theories are explored and analyzed, they will be expanded upon using ideas of executive presence and how it affects these particular areas of study, as well as how it can be used by women to overcome many of these issues.





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