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Classifying streaming data using grammar-based immune programming

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posted on 2021-05-23, 16:34 authored by Jaspreet Kaur Bassan
This work proposes a technique for classifying unlabelled streaming data using grammar-based immune programming, a hybrid meta-heuristic where the space of grammar generated solutions is searched by an artificial immune system inspired algorithm. Data is labelled using an active learning technique and is buffered until the system trains adequately on the labelled data. The system is employed in static and in streaming data environments, and is tested and evaluated using synthetic and real-world data. The performances of the system employed in different data settings are compared with each other and with two benchmark problems. The proposed classification system adapted well to the changing nature of streaming data and the active learning technique made the process less computationally expensive by retaining only those instances which favoured the training process.





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Ryerson University

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