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Characterization of the Hygrothermal Properties of Wood Fibre Insulaton Board

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posted on 2021-05-24, 09:15 authored by Kelly Leanne Fordice
High thermal resistance building envelopes comprising wood fibre insulation board (WFIB) contribute to a reduction in building energy consumption associated with unwanted heat losses and gains. The longterm performance and durability of the WFIB material may perform differently than expected due to the temperature and moisture dependent material characteristics, including moisture sorption, vapour permeance, and thermal conductivity. This research investigated the characterization of hygrothermal properties of WFIB at temperatures and relative humidities expected for a Canadian climate. The hygrothermal characteristics of WFIB were determined to have a range of values as a result of the variable nature of wood fibre materials with temperature and moisture, and the variability of WFIB materials amongst manufactured products. The variabilities of these hygrothermal properties are expected to impact the materials overall moisture storage at various in-situ temperature and relative humidity conditions, and the materials ability to transport moisture at various in-situ temperature and relative humidity conditions. Additionally, the thermal performance of WFIB is expected to vary with in-situ temperature and relative humidity conditions, with increased thermal losses/gains with increasing temperature and increasing relative humidities.





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Ryerson University

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