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Characterization of RQ1, a mutant involved in nervous system development in C. Elegans

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posted on 2021-05-22, 09:24 authored by Matthew M Bueno de Mesquita
During the development of the nervous system, guidance cues provide directional information to the growth cones of migrating axons. In C. elegans, ventral to dorsal migration is in part mediated by the ligand UNC-6 and its receptor UNC-5. In an UNC-5 null mutant the DA and DB motor neuron axons fail to migrate in a wild type manner to the dorsal cord, despite initial dorsalward outgrowth from the cell bodies. A genetic enhancer screen was conducted in an UNC-5 null strain and one mutant, rq1, was found to have increased axon guidance defects. To identify the mutated gene in rq1, microinjection experiments were performed and were able to rescue two rq1 phontypes. RNAi experiments were performed where double stranded RNA corresponding to all the genes in the region were used individually to knock out the transcripts. Several of these were able to phenocopy the defects of rq1. The rq1 mutation could be located in any one of five genes known to be present on the rescuing cosmid while combined results implicate three strong candidate genes, M03C11.8, H04D03.1 and H04D03.4.





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