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Cancer cell cytoskeleton behavior on titanium oxides synthesized through ultrafast pulsed laser irradiation

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:37 authored by Chandramouli Chinnakkannu Vijayakumar
Conventionally, single phases of TiO2 are used for targeted therapy and a drug carrier systems. In this research a harmonized approach in synthesizing multi-Ti oxide phases in a nanostructure and its ability to control cancer cell cytoskeleton behavior. This modulation of HeLa cancer cell cytoskeleton behaviour including shape of the cell, surface area of the cell, alignment of the cell is diligent by using the combination of TiO, Ti3O, Ti2O phases. Field emission scanning electron microscope investigation (FESEM) revealed that multi-Ti oxide nanostructure revealed a greater reduction of HeLa cell relative to fibroblast cell. This altered cell adhesion was followed by modulation of HeLa cell architecture with significant reduction in actin stress fibers. The intricate combination of multi-Ti oxide nanostructures renders a biomaterial that can precisely alter HeLa cell but not the fibroblast cell behaviour has the potential application of creating a multi-Ti oxide nanostructure for targeted cancer therapy, developing nano patterning devices. This unique interaction of HeLa cancer cell with multi-Ti oxide nanostructure has provided an insight of cell-cell signalling which is the fundamental mechanism in regulating their proliferative characteristics.





Master of Applied Science


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Ryerson University

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