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Come Out or Remain Silent : Sport and Gendered Homophobia

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posted on 2022-11-03, 17:00 authored by Francesco Giovanni Collura
This Major Research Paper explores the sporting environment and the impact certain sport spaces can have on lesbian, gay or bisexual athletes. Through an in-depth analysis of the literature, I explore how key scholars have critically examined themes of masculinity and femininity in sport. This was done in order to understand how coming out differs for athletes depending on their gender identity and the sport that they participate in. I engage with the theories of intersectionality, queer theory, ideology, cultural hegemony and gender performativity to enhance this analysis. I also developed original research by interviewing six male- and female-identifying athletes. Their experiences help explain why certain sporting environments are more or less accepting of sexual minorities in sports. This body of work is important because it provides readers with the opportunity to fully grasp and understand the hardships lesbian, gay and bisexual athletes endure in sports. Key Words: Team-Based Sports, Single-Person Sports, Sexuality, Gender, Intersectionality, Race, Class, Identity Politics, Queer Theory, Ideology, Hegemonic Masculinity, Orthodox Masculinity, Cultural Hegemony, and Gender Performativity.





Master of Arts


Communication and Culture

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Ryerson University

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