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Branding in Sustainable Apparel Companies: A Study on the Branding Strategies Adopted by Small-Business Apparel Companies That Practice Sustainability in Canada

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posted on 2021-05-24, 12:50 authored by Elsa Mary Thomas
The impact of environmental and social issues on today's global fashion industry has made some small apparel companies and big retailers realize their responsibility in setting it right. This qualitative research investigated the branding practices of small-business sustainable apparel companies in Canada. The theoretical framework guiding this research coalesced McDonough and Braungart's concept of cradle-to-cradle (sustainability) and identity-branding approaches, using a case-study methodology. A combination of literature review, web-based data and semi-structured interviews of nine participants was intended to shed light on the research questions. Key findings included more focus in branding a label with the product's aesthetics and other features compared to branding the products “sustainable,” even when the companies are not compromising their sustainability practices. In addition, there is a realization among small-business entrepreneurs who practice sustainability in rebranding to focus more on customer based branding (keeping the customer in the center of the brand).





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