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Bindle : Keeping Your Mental Health and Travel Tools Close, Wherever You Go

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posted on 2023-02-28, 16:50 authored by Larissa Lynn Catherine Peros
The purpose of my Master’s Major Research Project is to create an educational resource to prepare post-secondary students who struggle with their mental health to be able to participate in international opportunities with ease. In five chapters, this guide will aid students to minimize the stress and anxiety that may accompany the negative thoughts of leaving their comfort zone and being in an unfamiliar place with new people, while not being prepared with the resources to cope with their mental health. The goal I intend to achieve is to create awareness regarding the amount of resources available to students struggling with their mental health, so travel may be more accessible. The reasons students are not taking part in these opportunities are not limited to financial constraints or lack of knowledge, but due to students not being prepared with resources that connect travel to poor mental health





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