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Band Geek: a study of the Toronto independent music scene

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posted on 2021-05-22, 11:08 authored by Sacchin Prashad
Digital technologies have revolutionized the music industry over the last decade and have fundamentally altered production, distribution, consumption and promotion of music. As a result, there have been fewer sales of physical recordings, less support from record companies managing musical artists and more self-promotion by musicians through social media and streaming services. My research examined how independent musicians in Toronto are handling the changed music-making scene and the challenges they face as a consequence of these changes. This paper addresses topics such as: the benefits of connecting with music audiences on social media; musicians striking licensing deals with streaming services (Spotify and Apple Music); and current strategies used to promote music online. My research findings led to my developing a new online social media page, Band Geek, that creates original documentary journalism exclusively for burgeoning local Canadian artists in the music industry.





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