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Avatarme: digital avatars in a theme park queue creating a better experience and an emotional connection

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:13 authored by Winona So
Research has shown that through customization, a user can create a longer and more meaningful connection with their avatar. This research harnesses this emotional bond in order to create a more engaging experience in the queue at theme parks. Two methods were used to collect information. The first was an online survey about queuing, Bitmoji, and theme park behavior. The second was an on-site observational study to gain a more detailed look into guest behavior in a theme park queue. This research concludes with mockups and documentation for implementing a park-wide avatar system for alleviating queue boredom for the end user. Queues are not only for holding guests in a fair line, but for on-boarding, for the immersive story and background, and for entertainment. By personalizing and customizing the experience for the guest, a more enriching and emotional connection can be made to the attraction, and the park itself.





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Ryerson University

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Michael Carter Alex Ferworn Sonya Taccone Taccone