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Authentication protocols for smart homes

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:39 authored by Maninder Singh Raniyal
One of the IoT's greatest opportunity and application still lies ahead in the form of smart home. In this ubiquitous/automated environment, due to the most likely heterogeneity of objects, communication, topology, security protocols, and the computationally limited na- ture of IoT objects, conventional authentication schemes may not comply with IoT security requirements since they are considered impractical, weak, or outdated. This thesis proposes: (1) The design of a two-factor device-to-device (D2D) Mutual Authentication Scheme for Smart Homes using OTP over Infrared Channel (referred to as D2DA-OTP-IC scheme); (2) The design of two proxy-password protected OTP-based schemes for smart homes, namely, the Password Protected Inter-device OTP-based Authentication scheme over Infrared Chan- nel and the Password Protected Inter-device OTP-based Authentication scheme using public key infrastructure; and (3) The design of a RSA-based two-factor user Authentication scheme for Smart Home using Smart Card.





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Ryerson University

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