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Attitudes Regarding Bisexuality Among Undergraduate University Students

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posted on 2021-05-23, 13:00 authored by Helen Bailey
Attitudes regarding bisexuality are examined using an experimental design; the relationships between these attitudes and two common predictors of negative attitudes regarding lesbians and gay men (i.e., authoritarianism and social dominance) are also investigated. Participants were asked to read a vignette describing either a gay or bisexual man and provide reactions to this man via a 25-item questionnaire. The questionnaire contained items pertaining to five attitude dimensions: stability, tolerance, likeability, sexuality, and morality. When reading a vignette describing a bisexual man, participants rated him as being less stable in terms of his sexual identity than a gay man. Additionally, a relationship was found between levels of political authoritarianism and social dominance and participants' attitudes regarding bisexuality. These findings are examined in light of current theories and research examining bisexuality and attitudes regarding lesbians and gay men. Limitations and considerations for future research are also discussed.





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