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Assessment of Response Reduction Factors Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Response spectrum Analysis

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:35 authored by Natalie Simone Bryon
This study provides an in-depth comparative review of the response reduction factors per NBCC 2015 code used to reduce the elastic response of the structure. An assembly of eight (8) reinforced concrete buildings of which four (4) different Seismic Force Resisting System (SFRS) types was included. The models were also categorized based on ductility and overstrength characteristics specifically ductile and conventional construction moment frames as well as ductile and conventional construction shear walls. All eight (8) models were analyzed using elastic Response Spectrum Analysis (RSA). Each SFRS was also analyzed as both a 12 storey and 40 storey building in order to explore the effects / restrictions of building height. The Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure was performed on the assembly of models for comparison to determine if the static procedure as per NBCC 2015 provisions resulted in overly conservative or similar results. The relevant structural response such as base reactions, storey drifts, storey forces, and member forces were recorded and analyzed.





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