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Assessing the communication network of a budding industry: rooftop urban agriculture in Toronto

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:10 authored by Daphne Page
This research provides an analysis of the Rooftop Urban Agriculture (RUA) community in Toronto by taking an inventory of participants and key players, and illustrating the communication network surrounding this emerging community. A social network assessment is used to reveal network connections, and explore the level of cohesion of the RUA community in Toronto. Consideration is given to the implications that this has on its growth, representation, and potential areas of engagement with other factors, including municipal decision makers. Semi structured interviews reveal the driving values expressed by RUA practitioners and others involved with the practice, and the characteristics of this group’s formation. Based on this information, RUA is identified in this work as an emerging Civic Food Network(CFN). Based on the findings of the network assessment, this research argues that the lack of an organized and cohesive RUA Network is hindering the progress of this emerging group, and the potential for valuable knowledge sharing that would enable its growth. Finally, recommendations are provided to address how those practicing rooftop agriculture can seek to maximize knowledge sharing within the RUA community and build connections to the City of Toronto to strengthen this emerging CFN.





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