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Assessing the Usefulness of the Automated Monitoring Systems ECOTOX and DaphniaTox in an Integrated Early-Warning System for Drinking Water

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posted on 2021-05-22, 11:21 authored by Isabelle Netto
This study assesses the suitability of the behavioural image analysis systems ECOTOX and Daphnia Tox for inclusion in an integrated early-warning system for drinking water quality to be implemented in Canada. Results of behavioural parameters measured by ECOTOX using Euglena gracilis are compared to visual observations of E. gracilis behaviour after exposure to atrazine, tributyltin, and copper to determine the automated system's sensitivity. The usability of the Daphnia Tox automated system is assessed using the aquatic macroinvertebrate species Daphnia magna and Hyalella azteca. The possible use of the rotifers Brachionus calyciflorus and Brachionus havanensis with the ECOTOX system is also assessed. Findings indicate that at the present state ECOTOX and DaphniaTox are not suitable for inclusion in an early-warning system, but based on visual observation the parameters measured are sensitive to the contaminants tested and consistent, and with suggested modifications these systems have the potential to be fitting additions in an early-warning system.





Master of Applied Science


Environmental Applied Science and Management

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Ryerson University

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