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Art-repreneur: an examination of the role of entrepreneurial self-identification and technique in the success of creative ventures

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posted on 2021-05-24, 18:16 authored by Marissa Cristiano
The following paper positions independent, creative producers and businesses in the creative sector as entrepreneurial. It also assesses how prior knowledge of entrepreneurship may contribute to the success of creative ventures. Through a sample of nine interviews with creative producers in the visual arts (namely digital art, multimedia production, painting, photography and new media art), this papers assesses 1) current conceptions of creative process and creative personalities 2) how entrepreneurial orientation and entrepreneurial intention has helped them achieve social or capital gain. While some artists have used bootstrapping and lean methodologies to increase their incidences of success, they were not exposed to these methodologies prior to embarking on a career in the arts. Knowledge of bootstrapping can give artists ways to maximize the social and economic resources available to them. Knowledge of lean methodology can help artists decrease the inherent risk of creating artistic products while letting them better understand their value within a marketplace.





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