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Analysis of trunk muscle EMG during rotational motion

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posted on 2021-05-24, 18:28 authored by Nika Zolfaghari
The study of seated balance, specifically for the application of wheelchair users, has been an area of interest for quite some time. Unfortunately, most of the available studies to date have focused on upper limb and shoulder muscles, and little has been done analyzing the activity of trunk muscles (abdominal and back). For the purpose of this study, motorized rotational motion in the forward and backward directions at ±45 degrees was simulated, and the corresponding trunk muscle activity of nine healthy subjects was recorded by surface electromyography (EMG) for eight muscles, including an analysis on the effect of holding on to a harness for support, coupled with the presence of a visual input. The collected raw data was filtered, and the produced results illustrated that the muscle activity was greatest in the forward rotational direction, when the subject was holding on to a harness for support, with visuals present.





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Ryerson University

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