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Analysis and design of a GIS-enabled virtual public meeting space using UML for participatory municipal planning

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posted on 2021-06-08, 08:16 authored by Muhammad Atif Butt
The main aim of this research is to develop and test Web-based Public Participation Geographical Information Systems (WebPPGIS) to enable public involvement and participation in municipal planning and decision making. This objective is based on the belief that by providing citizens with access to information and data in the form of maps and visualisations they can make better informed decisions and it can immerse them into the spatial decision making process. This thesis presents a prototype implementation serving for spatially related discussions which is based on the GeoVPMS (GIS-based Virtual Public Meeting Space) model introduced by (Li et al., 2007). Moreover, a prototype has been analysed, designed and implemented using UML (Unified Model Language) approach to demonstrate a Web GIS-based architecture with utilization of various open source GIS and other OSS (Open Source Software) tools. In addition, it depicts a cost effective model of n-tier (multi-tier) Web integrated application prototype that can facilitate online public participation in municipal planning and development processes. Its components include online GIS-based participation forum as well as notification system enhance communication during spatially-related discussions in municipal planning and manage all kinds of notice among members as well as general public participants. Furthermore, the spatial data handling components used in this prototype is designed to help the public to explore the spatial contexts related to the issues under planning with and without addressing the form, whereas this contribution makes the protytope more effective and successful. In addition, the prototype is demonstrated with a scenario of public participation in spatial planning using Region of Peel's data.





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