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An architecture for people: a vertical neighbourhood for fostering social interactions

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posted on 2021-05-23, 10:45 authored by Joanne Gust
Architecture should respond to the human need for social interaction, which can contribute to human health and well - being and support the sustainable growth and development of cities. Currently, world growth and development of cities. Currently, world–wide, high-density developments are recognized as a way to grow sustainably. Similarly, this has been recognized in the City of Toronto. However current condominium developments have primarily responded to the influx of young professionals and have overlooked the necessity for social interaction and consequently these facets have contributed to creating a monoculture in the downtown core. Nevertheless, to grow sustainably, the City of Toronto should focus on making densification a viable solution for a greater number of people, by accommodating for a variety of family types, and by responding to peoples’ need to interact socially. To achieve both of these goals requires: the management of large populations through the generation of clusters ,the integration of communal spaces, a circulation system to provide choice and generate encounters ,and a response to context.





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