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An Architecture of Inclusion: A New Approach to Housing For People With Developmental Disabilities

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:12 authored by Demitri M. L. Delean
Currently in Ontario, there are roughly 14,000 adults with developmental disabilities that need a permanent housing solution. Some families within Toronto, due to the lack of governmental support and housing programs available to them, have started to recognize the need for their child to develop that sense of independence, and have started combining their financial efforts to purchase communal homes in which their children can start living as independent adults. Despite the ingenuity and foresight required for such an endeavor, with Toronto’s current housing market and the cost of hiring full-time care professionals, this idea quickly becomes an unrealistic model for most families however, this action suggests a very real and pressing issue in which architecture can begin to play a significant role in establishing that sense of inclusion and independence for these people within our communities.





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