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Allowing service users to die at home: palliative care for vulnerably housed and homeless individuals

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:34 authored by Taggart Archer
The current climate of death, dying and access to care is evolving on a daily basis. As community resources and shelters within Toronto are being revitalized, the demand on the healthcare system continues to increase. This study explores how an interdisciplinary community healthcare team is challenging the current model of palliative care for service users who are vulnerably housed or experiencing homelessness within Toronto. Specifically, I am looking at understanding strategies of resistance to receiving a one size fits all form of care. This qualitative design used interviews to speak with five healthcare workers who work within an interdisciplinary care team to support this population. The outcome of the study highlights the experience of the participants regarding the importance of an interdisciplinary team approach to care, the resistance embodied within practice and the field, barriers to care and the challenges of the role.





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