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All under one roof: understanding the benefits and barriers of small-scale housing co-ownership

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posted on 2023-09-18, 20:12 authored by Alexandra Volkov

Small-scale housing co-ownership is a form of shared ownership, often between friends or unrelated parties, which is gaining interest. This report draws on recent news articles, demographic trends, and literature in urban economics, housing and co-housing, to speculate on the growth and impacts of this trend. Qualitative interviews with industry stakeholders provide further insights on possible benefits, barriers, and solutions. Overall, the findings of this exploratory analysis suggest co-ownership may have broader market benefits for housing affordability, as well as individual benefits for housing accessibility, equity building, cost of living, and health and wellbeing, for example through reduced isolation, increased sense of community, or increased access to support. Barriers appear to exist, however, including mortgage accessibility and suitability, high housing costs, and the accessibility of specialized services. This paper finishes with a discussion of future research and recommendations that addresses the need for multi-sector, collaborative approaches.

Key words: co-ownership; affordable housing; community housing; housing finance; Toronto





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