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Adaptive communication for development matrix: enhancing tangible development efforts through communication approaches and technologies

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posted on 2022-10-05, 17:32 authored by Nayeem Sebastian Munier
This paper proposes to research and establish a framework that enables individuals and organizations to maximize the impacts tangible interventions and assistance can have within marginalized/at risk communities, through communication for development approaches and technologies. By adding this extra layer to the framework of development efforts, we can look to better Improve and Assist the growth of a marginalized community, adding an ideological layer, worthy of a communication system, that enables a sense of community and empowerment, initiates upward mobility for future generations in addition to improving quality of life. The matrix would be adaptive to any circumstance or region, as it will act as a matrix in which the communication approaches and interventions are determined based on specific indicators. The goal is to be adapted into various development efforts and produce information and data in relation to the power communication can have within developing communities.





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