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Accommodating Multiplicity Adapting The Design of Canadian Urban Housing

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posted on 2021-05-24, 09:34 authored by Samuel W. Vandersluis
The remarkable spectrum of households, demographics and ethnicities in Canadian cities has become the primary identity of our multicultural society, an identity that typically is not reflected in our design for urban residential architecture. If our residential market does not provide housing that can accommodate the varied spatial demands of our diverse society, the quality of urban architecture will only degrade the vibrancy of city life. This thesis challenges the viability of conventional residential typologies, and introduces a new organizational system of high-density residential architecture that can flexibly accommodate a range of household types and sizes. The organization of contingent dwelling space is structured to forge a direct relationship between household, community and civic life. This restructured relationship forms a microscosmic reflection of urban diversity. By accommodating for the wide-ranging needs of urban Canadian households, this exploration adapts to the contemporary demands of urban life.





Master of Architecture



Granting Institution

Ryerson University

LAC Thesis Type


Thesis Advisor

Marco Polo