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A talent management future for economic immigration in Canada: building on best practice diversity/inclusion and intercultural competence training

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posted on 2021-05-24, 15:34 authored by Ezekiel Roos-Walker
One of the key questions regarding the integration of economic immigrants into Canadian labour markets is the role that employers will play, especially given the forthcoming changes that will formalize Expressions of Interest (EOI) as intrinsic to the selection process. Immigrants are not a social or financial burden, but as is proven through self-reported hiring practices and projections of many industry-leading employers, a hugely important investment that adds layers of value to workforces in Canada. This enthusiasm to hire foreign-trained professionals is not matched by an enthusiasm to fund the development of their skills, particularly 'soft' skills such as cultural competency and teamwork, in a context that is alien to them. To explore the potential for expanding programs that optimize the performance of multicultural workplaces, address regional labour shortages with targeted immigration, and accelerate the role of talent management in the profile of human resources departments, this study is a demonstration of potential in Canada for a much more integrated, cross-sector, solution-focused economic immigration strategy.





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