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A secure multiparty micropayment protocol for internet access over WLAN mesh networks

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posted on 2021-05-22, 13:57 authored by Nitish Biswas

Presently, multi-hop WLAN mesh networks have become an alternative to wired networks for last-mile user access enabling numerous internet-based services. Thus, we have proposed MMPay, a secure multiparty micropayment protocol for internet access over WLAN mesh networks, enabling:  a secure network access anywhere and anytime according to user desire; seamless user roaming across the independent operator’s networks; and lightweight real-time payments to all involved parties that eliminate huge user trust relationships, online remote user authentications and mutual roaming agreements among the participating parties. The incontestable MMPay scheme has been devised from existing micropayment schemes emulating their good attributes and eliminating security vulnerabilities and difficulties, which includes: hash-chain based variable length payment instrument, user’s payment certificate at smartcard, shared and mixed signature scheme, and an efficient redemption approach.  The OPNET-simulation results show that the pricing contract response-times are little lengthy but have no effect on data communication; payments and hand-offs are efficient; and the scheme has no effect on data communication ETE-delay and throughput. Thus, the scheme is secure, efficient and lightweight, and will be a practical solution for future small to large-scale WLAN mesh networks enabling faster hand-off. 





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Ryerson University

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Cungang (Truman) Yang