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A scan on best practises for scaling up community food projects: the role of project managers, city planners and municipal government

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posted on 2022-10-05, 17:38 authored by Emily Osborn
Community food projects (CFPs) form an integral part of the growing local food movement within North American cities. These grassroots initiatives incorporate activities related to urban agriculture and local food distribution, while promoting community engagement, food-based education, and training opportunities for urban residents. CFPs also play vital role in building local food economies, community capacity, and improving food security and community health. Given these benefits, there is a need to foster the expansion of the community food sector in cities. As such, this paper explores the best practices for expanding small-scale community food projects through a scan on North American CFPs and municipal food policy strategies. Practices at both the project-level and city-level are examined, including strategies for CFPs to attain operational sustainability and municipal policy that nurtures the growth of urban agriculture and local food activities. The role of project managers, urban planners, and local government are highlighted.



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