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A computational analysis on energy consumption of a Ryerson building

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:24 authored by Mohammad Adnan Naeem
This project analyses the energy consumption of 44 Gerrard St. East. This site is primarily used as the Ryerson University Theatre School and it consists of four classrooms, seventeen offices, six studios, and two theatre auditoriums. Since it is a three-storey building, plus a basement, thus, the energy level for this building is supposed to be moderate. However, because it is an old structure, constructed back in the early 1940s, this building seemingly has considerable energy consumption. The main objective of this energy assessment is to reduce the building load. This goal can be achieved by simplifying and controlling certain parameters that directly and indirectly involve energy consumption. For example, indoor temperature and relative humidity can be maintained at low level in winter and at high level in summer. In addition, monitoring heat loss, heat gain, infiltrations through the building surrounds, and the level of illumination for various types of lights helps to reduce overall energy consumption. Several other factors such as operating costs, maintenance costs, and repair costs influence the energy management of the site. With the help of energy management software, eQUEST, the structure, outlook of all the walls, windows, roof and the type of HVAC system can be developed for analysis. Through eQUEST, various tasks such as heat transfer involvement, energy consumption load calculations and load balancing in comparison with energy saving guidelines will be discussed in detail.





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Ryerson University

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  • Thesis Project