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A biomechanical study of a novel biomimetic hip implant

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posted on 2022-11-16, 17:03 authored by Shaheen Khurshid
A three dimensional finite element (FE) model of a novel carbon fibre polyamide 12 composite hip stem was used to compare with two commerically available (Exeter and Omnifit) hip stems to minimize stress shielding and bone resorption. A virtual axial load of 3000N was applied to the FE model which replicated the experimental study. Strain and stress distributions were computed and compared with experimental results. Experimentally, three hip stems had their distal portions rigidly mounted and had strain gauges placed along the surface at 3 medial and 3 lateral locations. From the FE analysis, the von mises stress range for the composite hip stem was 200% and 45% lower than that in the Omnifit and Exeter implants, respectively. The aggregate average difference between FE and experimental microstrains for four proximal strain gauge locations were 7.5% (composite), 11.5% (Exeter), 14.6% (Omnifit), and the composite hip stem's stiffness (1982N/mm) was lower than the metallic hip stem stiffnesses (Exter, 2460N/mm; Omnifit, 2543 N/mm). This study showed considerable improvement in stress transfer to bone tissue.





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Ryerson University

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