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A Vision for the Future of Non-Binary Fashion on Video Trans Animal Conceptual Sculpture Performance Explorations

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posted on 2023-04-05, 19:35 authored by Patrick James Edelman
The Vision for the Future of Non-binary Fashion on Video is a practice- based research project that examines the relationship between trans and non-binary bodies to, public space through creative methods of wearable sculpture, dance, performance and experimental video. This project enacts my theory of gender pregnancy, that one can achieve a non-binary appearance through using garments, motifs, or colors typically associated with binary gender and juxtaposing them into one look that is full of gender. This project dismantles binary notions of gender, public/private, mind/body and human/animal. Through the use of performance this project speaks to the transformative power of queer visibility in reclaiming public space. The resulting video, Trans Animal Fashion Futures, presents similarities between trans experiences and non-human animals in an to situate trans narratives as part of the ‘natural’ environment. Ultimately, this project engages with trans subjects and experiences to imagine queer collective futures in the interest of all.





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Ryerson University

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