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A Simulation of a Novel High Quantum Efficiency Scintillating Fiber Detector with Anti-scatter Properties for Megavoltage X-Ray Imaging

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posted on 2021-05-23, 12:11 authored by James Day
To further develop a MV x-ray portal imaging device with high detection efficiency and adequate spatial resolution for image guided radiation therapy, the experimental results for a prototype detector were matched using Monte-Carlo software to then improve upon the design. The simulation and experiment were carried out using a 6 MV beam from a linear accelerator machine. An adequate match was obtained with the spatial resolution matching up to a MTF value of 0.2 and then diverging and the total signal registered in the central fiber was matched for field sizes ranging from 3 cm by 3 cm to 20 cm by 20 cm for 5 cm, 15 cm and 25 cm air gaps within 3%. The design was altered from a hexagonal array of round double cladded fibers to a square array of single cladded square fibers. The spatial resolution was improved from 0.242 lp mm-1 to 0.359 lp mm-1 at an MTF value of 0.5 from the original design to a square array of square fibers 0.5 mm wide separated by 0.25 mm of lead foil. With further optimization of the detector design it may be possible to increase spatial resolution for MV x-ray imaging while maintaining an adequate detection efficiency.





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