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A RSA-Biometric Based User Authentication Scheme For Smart-Homes Using Smartphone

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posted on 2021-12-07, 16:32 authored by Amir Mohammadi Bagha
Internet of Things (IoT) is considered as one of the emerging leading technologies that allow the mainstreaming of smart homes and smart cities in the recent years, by creating a communication system for physical objects over the Internet. In a smart home (also called push-button home automation system), devices are not necessarily homogeneous in terms of topology, security protocols, computational power and communication. This nature of the devices causes some incompatibility with conventional authentication methods and the security requirements of IoT standards. This thesis proposes an RSA-Biometric based three-factor User Authentication Scheme for Smart-Homes using Smartphone (called RSA-B-ASH-S scheme). An informal security analysis of the proposed RSA-B-ASH-S scheme is provided, along with its performance evaluation in terms of computational time, storage requirements and communication overload. Furthermore, a formal analysis of the proposed RSA-B-ASH-S scheme using the Burrows-Abadi-Needham (BAN) Logic is described, showing that the proposed scheme achieves the forward secrecy property by utilizing a fresh encryption key for each session and it also satisfies the anonymity of the user by using a one-time token. A proof of concept of the proposed RSA-B-ASH-S scheme is also provided.





  • Master of Science


  • Computer Networks

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Ryerson University

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  • Thesis

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Isaac Woungang