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A Queer Assemblage

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posted on 2021-05-24, 10:03 authored by Michelle Ashurov
The tradition and reproduction of heteronormativity is evident in all aspects of social life, extending to nationality, culture, law, commerce, medicine, intimacy, leisure, and beyond. Speculations at the intersection of queer space and architecture began in the 1980s, focusing on a resistance to the hegemony of heterosexuality. Architecture is not safe from the ideologies that assemble and enforce this hegemony. By way of recounting and marking up history through a queer lens, a queer assemblage is formed, disorienting and subverting [hetero]normative constructs at the confluence of sociality and architectural space. The destabilization of oppressive advances that (im/ex)plicitly target singular or intersecting social locations not only unveils the engendering of heteronormativity in all facets of life, but promises to delineate space for a proper queer occupation.





Master of Architecture



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Ryerson University

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John Cirka