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AC-AC voltage regulation by switch mode PWM Cûk voltage controller with improved performance

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posted on 2021-05-23, 13:30 authored by Palash K. Banerjee
In this research project, an AC Cûk voltage regulator has been proposed for maintaining constant voltage across the load during wide range of input voltage fluctuations. The proposed AC Ck voltage regulator made of practical IGBT switches has been investigated for both manual and automatic control circuit. A fraction of the output voltage is taken as the input voltage of the control circuit and produce the error signal if any changes occur in the output voltage. The modified error signal is used to make PWM signals for switching devices as per output voltage of regulator. The PWM controls the ON/OFF time (Duty cycle) of switching devices (IGBTs) of the proposed regulator. As a result the regulator is maintaining a constant voltage across the load during any change in supply voltage. The simulation waveforms and the calculated total harmonics distortion (THD) values are compared with previously studied AC Buck-Boost regulator. The observed simulated waveforms of output voltage, output current and input current and THD values have been improved in case of proposed AC Cûk voltage regulator.



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Ryerson University

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