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The Role of Competence in Outcomes for Children and Youth: An Approach for Mental Health

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posted on 2021-05-21, 17:33 authored by Carol Stuart, William Carty
Executive Summary
The primary goal of this project was to establish what exists in the education and training of entry-level child and youth care (CYC) practitioners in Ontario regarding evidence-based competencies focusing on mental health issues. To determine how CYC practice and evidence-based treatment and practices are related the project examined what competencies are required in CYC practice, what competencies are required in CYC practice specific to mental health practice, and how college and university education programs are training CYC practitioners to implement evidence-based practices. Additionally the project provided forums for educators and mental health providers to discuss their impressions, ideas and beliefs as to what future strategies are required to ensure that CYC education and practices are evolving to include the skills necessary to implement evidence-based treatments and practices (EBT and EBP).



Ryerson University