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Sentiment Analysis: The Water Crisis

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posted on 2022-06-08, 16:27 authored by Makenzie Smeriglio
This research examines the issue of the water crisis from an Indigenous Feminisms perspective. The First Nations Water Crisis is the issue of long-term water advisors that Indigenous communities have had and are currently still experiencing. It is a complex issue stemming from settler colonialism, and the broader Canadian public does not understand it well.

This research examines public sentiments in the comment sections of news stories about First Nations and the water crisis. This is to identify settler-colonial mythologies about Indigenous peoples and offer counter-narratives.

Clean water is a basic necessity and should be offered to everyone. By addressing hateful socio-political imaginaries and offering counter-narratives, we can work towards changing people's opinions from apathy to empathy. We can also work towards making real positive changes to the First Nations Water Crisis.