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Quantified Methodology of Health

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posted on 2023-03-24, 12:51 authored by Igor Schagaev, Vadim GeurkovVadim Geurkov

Fault tolerance in science and engineering so far was considered as a property of a system.  If we think a bit deeper, it can be discovered that it is actually a process, that has to be pursued from the conceptual, design phase of a project up to the complete end and scrap value of the product. To deal with this process, we have introduced A Generalized Algorithm of Fault Tolerance. An implementation analysis of this algorithm - if we make it rigorous - might be useful for analysis of complex systems like a health care. Various options of dealing with diseases, along proposed algorithm, diagnosis and treatment (recovery), separation of diseases in terms of lethality, enable to analyze their different “power” at various steps.  Implementation of an algorithm as a tool to analyze efficiency of healthcare efforts enable to create a quantifiable analysis of overall performance of healthcare system.

   A technical concept of fault tolerance is proposed, which should be applied for the analysis of health care and health monitoring. Along the text, when possible, health maintenance was discussed in terms of a technical system. This approach, when applied in the future, might become a core of analysis, rigor analysis of health systems and health management.

   This work is just the first step and invitation to researchers from related domains to start thinking about the path suggested.




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