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Clearly Colonial Podcast - The Wet’suwet’en Pipeline Crisis

posted on 2022-04-05, 15:23 authored by Madison Lalonde
This podcast explores the Wet’suwet’en Nation’s battle against the Coastal GasLink pipeline infrastructure project supported and facilitated by the Canadian government and the RCMP. By going through the project timeline, clearly colonial moments are revealed, such as imposing governance structures, taking land without consent, endangering the water, violence against indigenous women, as well as removing land defenders from their own land. Time is taken to explain how this project is an example of politics of recognition in Canada, where Indigenous People are recognized as distinct while at the same time their autonomy is continually undermined and ignored. The underlying motives of the project are examined and exposed as equally colonial as it supports a future of fossil fuels and does not offer any benefits to the people and land it exploits. Possible futures are suggested by exploring “alimentary infrastructure” and what that could mean for all people. At this time, there is no conclusion, however, as the struggle is still ongoing.