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Analysis from young deaf people on IECSS findings

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posted on 2022-11-21, 17:32 authored by Kristin SnoddonKristin Snoddon, Kathryn Underwood

[Preamble]: "The purpose of the project is to create an empirical record of experiences of young children and their families in order to understand how services are delivered in varied geographic and cultural contexts. Our aim is to build theoretical understanding that may inform social policy to have more respectful and responsive supports that recognize the value of disability and deaf identities, and full participation in family and community. We are working from the assumption that we all need universally designed services – but we are open to being challenged on our assumptions. This Research Brief is the second in a series of briefs that communicate findings from our advisory committee groups. Our goal in these briefs is to provide guidance to the researchers, partners, students and staff who work on the IECSS project. Making these guiding reports public allow us to share the wisdom and authority passed on to our research team to the larger research world. They also allow us to cite the Advisory Committees where we draw on their advice in our academic publications."