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Initiating an Ergonomics Process – Tips, Tricks and Traps. Commentary from Focus Groups and Case Studies

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posted on 2022-10-04, 13:40 authored by Patrick NeumannPatrick Neumann, M. Forsman, S. Kihlberg, S. E. Mathiassen, R. P. Wells, R. W. Norman, M. B. Frazer, D. Cole, Jorgen Winkel
Establishing a new ergonomics process in a company poses a special challenge to the ergonomics practitioner. The aim of this paper is to identify barriers and assists to the initiation of an ergonomics process and to raise awareness of these issues for both practitioners and researchers trying to initiate ergonomics intervention activities. We report on results from focus group sessions held with industrial personnel focussing on the initiation of ergonomics processes. Two cases of ergonomics process initiation are then presented and interpreted in light of these findings. Critical aspects for start up may include the point of entry into the organisation as well as both the base of support for ergonomics and the chain of authority in the organisation. Awareness of these factors will allow a growth strategy to be applied so that credibility, support, and activity expand from small but visible first ergonomics initiatives. Gaining support of top and middle managers is a key first objective.
Keywords Ergonomics Process, Initiation stage, Case Study, Focus Group, Intervention




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