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Sulphide oxidation mortar tests for evaluation of the oxidation potential of sulphide-bearing aggregate

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posted on 2022-04-01, 15:51 authored by Mona El-Mosallamy, Medhat ShehataMedhat Shehata
This paper proposes two new sulphide mortar bar tests. The two tests involve two exposure conditions: the first one relies on soaking the sample in an oxidizing agent (6% sodium hypochlorite) for three hours at room temperature to promote oxidation while the other test adopts a range of temperatures and relative humidity that promote oxidation and sulphate attack. Both tests were effective in discriminating between aggregates with oxidizable sulphide and those without. Moreover, the use of low-calcium fly ash at 25% and slag at 30% reduced the expansion but not to the level of samples with non-sulphide aggregates. On the contrary, 10% of metakaolin produced more expansion.


The funding for this research was provided through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Canada (NSERC) Discovery grant. This research was also supported by the Ryerson University Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Dean’s Research Fund.