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Academic Restructuring at Ryerson University: White Paper

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posted on 2021-05-21, 11:43 authored by Maurice Yeates

[Preface]: "On May 6, 2009 the Provost announced the establishment of an Academic Structures Commission to prepare a Report for him on possible reorganization of some parts of the University. The Commission arises from Recommendation 16 in Shaping Our Future: Academic Plan for 2008/13, which was approved by Senate (May, 2008).In the consultations which guided the formation of the plan, it was argued that the academic structure be revisited to ensure the University responds effectively to internal and external pressures arising from recent and expected growth and change. The mandate of the Provost's Academic Structures Commission (PASC) is to prepare a Report on possible reorganizations within the context of current and anticipated teaching and research developments, following an extensive consultation process. The Commission is to explore a range of possibilities with respect to restructuring existing Faculties and establishing new ones. Since becoming a university in 1993, Ryerson has grown in undergraduate student numbers and programs, established a graduate school, and placed greater emphasis on scholarly, research and creative activity.”




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