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“Quem deu esse nó não pode dar, esse nó tá dado, eu desato já”: movimentos populares organizados em torno de direitos territoriais em meio a conflitos socioambientais no Ceará

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posted on 2023-11-07, 09:21 authored by Martha Priscylla Monteiro Joca MartinsMartha Priscylla Monteiro Joca Martins, Luciana Nogueira Nóbrega, Jacqueline Alves Soares

This study investigated, in multiethnic and multicultural perspectives, meanings of territorial rights that emerge and are visualized in the midst of socioenvironmental conflicts, built by distinct movements in rural and urban areas of Ceará State, seeking to understand what these movements require as territorial rights, using bibliographical, documental and field researches. Results indicate that these movements require counter hegemonic interpretations to the state law in a critical and intercultural perspective and resist around rights previously established before the state law or in communities and peoples, giving meanings to territorial rights as inherent to a healthy environment, balanced and equally fair, which may form as a legal field more fertile to the construction of territorial and environmental equities