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Using the PEPPA Framework to Develop and Implement a Nurse Practitioner Role Within Canada’s National Ballet School

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posted on 2022-12-08, 14:23 authored by Erin ZieglerErin Ziegler, Sophia Kim, Rachel J. Bar

Aim: To outline the successful development and implementation of a nurse practitioner role within a professional ballet school.  

Background: Nurse practitioners are well integrated into primary and acute care in Ontario, yet the role within schools and private athletic institutions is not well documented. Canada’s National Ballet School is a professional ballet school with a combination of day students and those living in residences. Students complete both dance training and academics at the School. The physical and mental health of students was identified as a key priority by the school, leading to the development of an integrated health and wellness program. To facilitate more timely access to healthcare and provide an opportunity for collaboration and consultation within the school, a plan to implement a nurse practitioner role into the school was developed. 

Methods: In order to develop and implement the role of the nurse practitioner within the institution, the participatory, evidence-based, patient-focused process for advanced practice nursing role development, implementation, and evaluation (PEPPA) framework was used. The first seven steps of the PEPPA framework were applied in this project.  

Findings: The PEPPA framework allowed for us to identify key barriers and facilitators for the role implementation and successfully implement the nurse practitioner role. While the initial plan was for a slower implementation, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for a nurse practitioner in the institution more urgently.  

Conclusion: The PEPPA framework provided us with an organized process for developing and implementing the nurse practitioner role at Canada’s National Ballet School.  




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