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Timing for delivering individualized patient education intervention to coronary artery bypass graft patients: A RCT

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posted on 2023-01-09, 20:54 authored by Suzanne FredericksSuzanne Fredericks

Background: The primary focus of this study is on the timing of the delivery of education to patients who had CABG surgery. Aim: To determine the efficacy of an individualized telephone patient education intervention, delivered at two different points in time (1–2 days pre-discharge versus 1–2 days post-discharge) in enhancing the CABG patient's knowledge of self-care behaviours, performance of self-care behaviours, and symptom frequency. Method: A randomized clinical trial that included a convenience sample of first time CABG patients. Individuals who received education pre-discharge were compared to individuals who received education post-discharge on the outcomes. Results: Results indicated no statistically significant difference in outcomes between the two time points. As well, anxiety levels were found to be significantly higher in the pre-discharge group than the post-discharge group. Conclusions: The individualized nature of the educational intervention may have accounted for non-significant findings reported in outcomes between the two time points. Practice implications: Nurses may consider assessing anxiety levels prior to delivery of educational interventions, implement interventions aimed at reducing anxiety levels, and provide individualized teaching.