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Syndemic Factors and Lifetime Bidirectional Intimate Partner Violence Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Sexual Minority Men

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posted on 2024-04-04, 16:38 authored by Allison L. Kirschbaum, Nicholas Metheny, Shayna Skakoon-Sparling, Daniel Grace, Alexa R. Yakubovich, Joseph Cox, Aaron Palachi, Jordan M. Sang, Patricia O’Campo, Darrell H.S. Tan, Trevor HartTrevor Hart

Purpose: Bidirectional intimate partner violence (IPV), the reporting of both IPV victimization and perpetration, is likely the most common form of violence among gay, bisexual, and other sexual minority men (GBM) and is thought to be part of a larger syndemic of stressors. This purpose of this study was to examine associations between syndemic factors and lifetime bidirectional IPV among GBM in three Canadian cities to inform future interventions. Methods: Data from GBM (N = 2449) were used to fit three logistic regression models with lifetime bidirectional IPV as the outcome and four syndemic factors (i.e., depressive symptomatology, childhood sexual abuse [CSA], illegal drug use, and alcohol misuse) as independent variables. Model 1 examined syndemic factors individually. Model 2 employed a summative scale of syndemic exposure. Model 3 used marginal analysis to examine the relative excess risk of each potential iteration of the syndemic. Results: Thirty-one percent (N = 762) of respondents reported lifetime bidirectional IPV. Each of the syndemic factors were significantly associated with greater odds of reporting bidirectional IPV (Model 1). Model 2 exhibited a dose-response relationship between the number of syndemic factors reported and bidirectional IPV. Model 3 suggested that the specific combination of depressive symptomatology, CSA, and alcohol misuse resulted in the highest risk of lifetime bidirectional IPV. Conclusion: Bidirectional IPV was common in this sample and was associated with a complex interplay of stressors. However, there may be opportunities to target interventions to the specific syndemic issues in an effort to prevent and mitigate this form of IPV in GBM.




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