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Steps toward universalism in immigration policies : Canada and Germany

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posted on 2021-05-24, 20:26 authored by Dietrich Thränhardt
Canada’s points system was historically significant for its universalism, ending ethnic discrimination in the selection process for new immigrants. In spite of its appeal world-wide, however, it has not been successful in matching well-qualified migrants to good jobs, instead leading to “brain waste”, as exemplified by academics driving taxis. To avoid this problem, Germany should not imitate Canada’s points system, but instead Canada’s easy naturalization, welcoming multiculturalism, and acceptance of immigrants in political life. Germany has made important steps toward a universalist immigration system. It is part of the EU’s open sphere, which enables every EU citizen to move freely. This sphere may be further widened in the coming years. Moreover, the EU Blue Card system enables anyone in the world to work in Germany, with only a minimum salary level as a condition. The EU’s open sphere and Blue Card system are making important contributions to the establishment of an open world, a perspective that should be discussed in North America. Keywords: points system, Germany, Canada, immigration, universalism, brain waste, EU, Blue Card, central planning, foreign students