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Settlement and social capital : strengthening futures for newcomer children and society

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posted on 2021-05-21, 16:01 authored by Judith Colbert
The concept of social capital may serve as a framework for supporting the settlement of newcomer children. Social capital may be an especially important asset for newcomers, though its value depends on the extent to which it supports social norms and the willingness of social institutions, like schools, to resist exclusionary practices. Research confirms a positive relationship between parents’ social capital and children’s wellbeing, although analysis suggests that indicators reflecting US upper-middle class norms may have limited application for newcomer populations. Other research shows that even at a young age, children are capable of building their own social capital. Efforts to help newcomer children accumulate their own social capital have the potential to support their successful settlement, leading to positive short-and long- term outcomes for them and their families while reducing the likelihood of precarious futures for all members of society. Key Words: social capital, newcomer children, settlement, family, community