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Reflective practice in nursing: A concept analysis

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posted on 2023-01-24, 17:11 authored by Kateryna MeterskyKateryna Metersky, Kiran M. Patel


This paper aims to clarify the concept of reflective practice in nursing by using Rodgers' evolutionary method of concept analysis.

Data sources

Literature and references on the concept of reflective practice were obtained from two databases: Scopus and Nursing and Allied health database. Peer-reviewed articles published in English language between 2011-2021 that included the terms ‘reflection’ and/or ‘reflective practice’ in the title were selected. Seminal pieces of work were also considered in this analysis. A total of 23 works were included. Most of the selected works addressed the concept of reflective practice in nursing education or nursing practice.

Data synthesis

The data analysis integrated the stages identified in Rodgers' method of concept analysis to analyze the concept of reflective practice. Analysis of selected works provided an understanding of common surrogates, antecedents, attributes, and consequences of the concept of reflective practice.


Reflective practice is a cognitive skill that demands conscious effort to look at a situation with an awareness of own beliefs, values, and practice enabling nurses to learn from experiences, incorporate that learning in improving patient care outcomes. It also leads to knowledge development in nursing. Considering the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, this paper identifies the need for nurses to go beyond reflection-on-action and also include reflection-in-action and reflection-for-action as part of their practice.

Implications for nursing practice

This analysis identifies the need for future nursing researchers to develop reflective models or strategies that promote reflection among nurses and nursing students before, during, and after the clinical experiences.




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